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Spring - March: Conservation
Theme –Conservation around the world; where to travel to find the best destinations for eco-friendly, healthy travel.
Cover: Africa


Auto – Volvo’s promise
Travel – Eco-friendly travel destinations around the world. Also a look at the greenest cities in Europe
Products-Technology – Computers, phones and cutting edge technology for 2018
Misc. Spring product roundup/Mother’s Day roundup
Technology – The latest gadgets you need to know about and what it can do
On the Catwalk for Fashion and Beauty – Summer Highlights with an emphasis on eco-friendly brands
Food and Wine – Organic Wine
Sports – Interviews

Summer - June: Off the Beaten Path
Theme –National and International Travel that is unusual and inspiring.
Cover: Greenland


Auto – Why we love convertibles
Travel: Eastern Europe, India Middle East, Australia and Ireland’s picturesque islands
Products – Summer product roundup
Review – Luggage, travel accessories
Technology – The Best options for car and plane travel
Fashion and Beauty – Fall Fashion Roundup
Food and Wine – Scotch, Whiskey and Bourbon
Entertainment, including music, film, books reviews and celebrity interviews
Sports - Interviews

Fall - September: Mood Food and Bubbles

Theme Food makes the trip
Cover: Sri Lanka

Travel –Where the best food; from France to Italy to India and Thailand, we show you the best places to eat
Products – Fall Product Roundup Holiday Gift Guide, Car Products and gadgets
Technology – What you can do online these days and what not to do
Fashion and Beauty – Winter Fashion Roundup
Food and Wine – Bubbly and Champagne
Entertainment, including music, film, books, celebrity interviews
Sports – Interviews

Winter - December; Mystical Travel

Theme – Theme – Where to travel to discover your soul.
Cover: Ireland’s Islands and why we are in love

Auto – How 2018 automobiles are stacking up
Travel – Africa Roundup; Congo, Burundi and Camaroon; Where the best spa can be found and warm weather destinations
Products – Holiday gift guide, Health, Fitness and spa products roundup
Technology – New technology for staying fit
Fashion and Beauty – Spring Fashion Roundup and Yoga
Food and Wine – Holiday drinks and recipes
Entertainment, including music, film, books, celebrity interviews
Sports – Interviews

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