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A trendy, but chill way to travel; it’s The Insider Mag (A Traveler’s Magazine) taking you around the globe and back again with a look at where to go, what to eat, what to read, what to wear and even what to drive at home or abroad.

Take note too, we’re print and radio only because sometimes just having that magazine in your purse or briefcase gives you a chance to take a break and see the world away from your computer (much easier sometimes we still think) and while we like technology, we also like the idea of “holding a magazine in our hands.”

We hope you do too,
Bon Voyage!

Anthony Duva

twitter-anthony duva

Anthony Duva is an award winning filmmaker, winning a Best Feature award in 2002 at the Thunderbird International Film Festival for his first feature film “Lost Soul” The following year, in 2003, he won a Best Make-Up award at the same festival for his 2nd feature, “Gabriella”. In total he has written, produced, acted and directed four feature films.

Anthony Duva has also co-created and produced two internet TV shows. “I’m Standing Here” a travel show and “Food & Fun”, a food and entertainment show.

In 2007 he created Insider Mag Radio as a supplement to The Insider Mag, a traveler’smagazine, which he publishes, and is distributed in airports across the United States. In 2010 he relocated back to the Boston area and began producing Insider Mag Radio from a local studio.

In 2011 “The Anthony Duva Show starring Anthony and Ashley” was created and the show moved to its current flagship station UNregular Radio. The radio show has been reformatted again and is now “The Duva Show Live with Anthony Duva”.

Anthony Duva has also produced Equity Waver Theater in Los Angeles and has written four full length plays. When not doing radio he is an ESL teacher and a private in home tutor.

Rita Cook

twitter-rita cook

Rita Cook is a writer/editor who specializes in writing on a variety of subjects, primarily travel, which takes her around the world looking for stories. She also regularly writes about auto, cuisine/wine and entertainment. With over 1200 articles to her credit in the past 13 years and nine books, Cook has been the Editor-in-Chief of The Insider Mag since she began her career in Chicago working with well-known Sun Times Columnist Irv Kupcinet.

Currently, she also writes for the Dallas Morning News “Green Life” as well as writing artist profiles for the paper and has worked over the years with many national and regional publications including Triple A, Four Seasons, Porthole, Focus Daily News, Valley Scene Magazine, Traveler’s Way, Dallas Child, Pegasus News and Julib.com, to name a few. She currently has a weekly auto column called “Behind the Wheel” with the Washington Times Communities and can be heard on the radio every Monday evening on the Anthony Duva Show’s featured segment “I’m Standing Here.”

Prior to moving to Dallas in 2008, Cook lived in Los Angeles where she was a well-known entertainment journalist interviewing hundreds of celebrities and filmmakers as well as producing a number of low-budget films. She was an associate producer on the horror/action feature film Route 666 with Trimark Pictures and on Naomi’s Web. She produced the feature-length film, Marty & Virginia for Cicero Productions and has served as a production manager on the television pilot, Norm Crosby’s Celebrity Golf Challenge, Two American Idiots and The Biz with CRC Entertainment. She also worked on Duva Film’s “Lost Soul” and “Creature From the Green Mist” receiving producer credits on both and starring in that company’s travel features “I’m Standing Here.”

She holds a B.A. in Communication from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.

guillaume de vaudrey

twitter-guillaume de vaudrey

instagram-guillaume de vaudrey

International Editor-at-Large, Paris
Guillaume de Vaudrey is a French native who has a Ph.D in Political Sciences and Public Law from the Sorbonne University and received his BA and Masters from the Institute of Political Sciences.

Currently splitting his residence between Paris, France and Manile, Philippines, de Vaudrey was educated in high school and college in the United States and spent many years in New York City; Vienna, Austria; South India; Niger and North Korea where he taught political sciences in the Juche Academy (Social Sciences institute dealing with ideological matters).

Currently over The Insider Mag’s international office in Paris, de Vaudrey also leads several geopolitical tours a year to “the world’s most dangerous places” through his 15-year-old tour operating company, Cosmopolis.

Not only acting as International Editor for the magazine, de Vaudrey also handles all photography and video for the magazine striving to photograph glimpses of the ever-changing world.  De Vaudrey particularly enjoys approaching remote cultures, meeting native people worldwide and exploring the other side of the mirror. 

joshua johnson

Deputy Editor
The written word has always been a passion for Joshua C. Johnson from grade school into adulthood he wasted no time chasing his dreams. In high school he obtained a position with KTBS the ABC affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana. After relocating to Dallas he learned how to feel the pulse of the  city a political reporter with African American News and Issues

Giving back has always been a paramount concern for the Shreveport, Louisiana native. He works with a number of organizations including the National Association of Black Journalist, the Dallas/Fort Worth Association of Black Journalists, the Society of Professional Journalists and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of North Texas.  Johnson always remembers those professionals that took time to mold and  mentor him and hopes to continue their legacy. 

Johnson is a graduate of Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas where he majored in Mass Communications  with an emphasis on print journalism. He went on to earn his Masters in Business Administration from Northwood University in Cedar Hill, Texas.  And a Master's of Science in Education in Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Food Editor, Paris
Fabien Nègre is a food writer, a development manager for medias, a consultant to chefs, a wine man, and a cigar connoisseur. He has a doctorate in philosophy and a post-graduate degree in economy. He has worked in radio and television. A bon vivant, gastronome and a gourmand, Nègre’s a bit Lyon, a bit Italy, a fair amount Marseilles and a lot Paris.

lawrence harris

Staff Writer
Lawrence Harris has written many travel articles for The Insider Mag as well as being a guest on the publication’s featured radio show.  Originally an actor, Harris has worked in television production as an accountant, coordinator and producer for shows that have been seen on ABC, Lifetime, FX, among others. However, his first love has always been traveling and experiencing other cultures and their way life " I love being able to share my experiences and hopefully inspiring others to travel," he says.

kay wiggs

Staff Writer
Elaina "Kay" Wiggs  began her career with The Insider Mag as a book reviewer in 2009.  From there she moved into travel, adventure and hotels and began doing short segments on “The Duva Show” radio in 2011.  Wiggs loves to travel and experience new things and currently lives in Denver Colorado.

Copy Editor
Andrea began her career with Dallas Systems, Inc as a Technical Writer in 1994. After 20 years of technical writing she changed directions and moved into copy editing. She is also the copy editor for Better Life magazine and she joined The Insider Mag in 2015. Since joining The Insider Mag, Andrea has added traveling and photography to her list of duties for the magazine. Now that her children are grown, Andrea loves to travel and the adventures that come along with it. She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where she still resides.

christina balbirnie

Senior Graphic Designer
Christina is a graphic designer and marketing brain. She create concise representations of: ideas, events, products and services, by using clever concepts, innovative design and flawless production in both print and web. Visit www.designmirror.me for more.

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